Full Circle

I recently joined a wonderful non-profit organization that is designed to offer local Mom’s in the Marblehead area access to fun events, supportive services, and educational opportunity.  These lovely ladies offer an extensive amount of support to one another, as well as the Community we live in. 

On April 1st and April 2nd, the Marblehead Mother’s Coop V will be hosting its annual shopping event at the Boston Yacht Club, here in Marblehead.  The two-day shopping event will include luxury raffle items, complimentary bloodies{Bloody Mary's} from Kappy's Liquors and much more!   Hayden & Halle is thrilled to join the fun as one of the many vendors.  Just to name a few-CeCe Dupraz, Prema Power Yoga & Athlete By Design, Beautycounter, Chic Streets, and Petit Peony will also be there.

It gets even better......

100% of the proceeds {yes, 100%} will go to the Friends of Marblehead Public Schools.  The Friends of Marblehead Public Schools {FMPS} is an independent, community based fundraising group that raises money to enhance the quality of education in all Marblehead Public Schools, including Marblehead Charter Community Public School, in grades k-12.  With the funds raised by FMPS, they are able to provide additional resources, programming, technology, and guest speakers for our Community Schools.  From the FMPS website, here is just one example of a program they recently funded.

Third Grade Artist in Residence Program

This grant provides funds for an Artist-In-Residence program for the 240 third grade students district-wide. This proposal seeks to provide students the opportunity to engage in a hands-on activity with an expert in his field, Giles LaRoche. Mr. LaRoche will help students create 3D collages of historic Marblehead buildings. This grant will enhance the existing social studies program by introducing a new way to study Marblehead architecture.

What a great opportunity for our local third graders, and this is just ONE of the very many.  So of course, this got me thinking of what else I could offer to the Pop Up Shops to help raise more funds for FMPS.  It didn't take me long to find my answer.  It was right on FMPS's website: 

Friends of the Marblehead Public Schools {FMPS} believes in our schools and our town. For 25 years we have been awarding grants that spark our students’ potential and prompt us to wonder who among them will be the next scientist, inventor or artist to shine?  We thank our grant writers and donors for supporting and funding innovation in our schools. They keep our mission shining brightly”!  

I contacted a friend who hails from Marblehead and is shining ever so brightly..... 



Sally LaPointe is a women’s designer ready to wear collection, designed and produced in New York City.  LaPointe offers the industry modern minimal luxe with an edge.  Lapointe masterfully mixes luxurious fabrications to create juxtaposition in her collections that complement the modern and minimal silhouettes.

Born in Massachusetts, Sally LaPointe began her education in fine arts at an early age.  Attracted to painting and sculpture for their ability to communicate emotions through color and texture, LaPointe was fascinated with creating objects that both explored personal experiences and elicited a visceral response from others.  LaPointe graduated with a BFA in apparel design from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2006.  Teaming up with fellow RISD graduate, Sarah Adelson, in 2010 they moved to New York City and founded the Eponymous Collection.  Sally LaPointe Collections continue to receive accolades including being the FGI Rising Star Award in 2015 and Forbes 30 Under 30 in Art + Design in 2013.  Her work has been profiled in publications such as Elle, Harpers Bazaar, New York Times, i-D, and Interview.  LaPointe has become a resource for Political Icons including First Lady Michelle Obama and celebrities such as Emily Blunt, Kendall Jenner, Katy Perry, Lily Aldridge, and GiGi Hadid.  {http://sallylapointe.com}

Sally grew up here in Marblehead and attended Marblehead Public Schools.  She is a true example of what FMPS stands for and why their organization is so important.  She is one of the many students who directly benefited from their grants and is shining brightly.

I met Sally during the summer of 2001 through a mutual friend.  I quickly realized that she is one of the most down to earth, sincerest, and talented human beings I have ever met.   I watched her attend and graduate from RISD, move to NYC, start her own company with Sarah, and absolutely flourish.  I am blown away by her work, her humbleness and her ability to never give up.  She is a true inspiration and a wonderful role model.  I know one gal that looks up to her immensely.  

              Sally and I in 2007

              Sally and I in 2007

My daughter Halle is eleven and is really starting to come into her own.  We have officially hit the preteen years and there is no turning back.  Her workload for school has almost doubled in the past year and we keep explaining to her, that these are the building blocks of what is to come.   High School, College, and the Real World.  #IThinkSheWasListening

Last winter Boston got slammed with record snowfall and we spent a lot of time inside.   Halle started an Instagram account and started searching for people she knows.  She went through my account and came across one name that she recognized, Sally LaPointe.  She clicked on her account and couldn’t believe her eyes.  Picture after picture of beautiful dresses, more beautiful clothing pieces, model’s walking the runway, magazines, and more.  She asked me what Sally’s job was, and I told her that she is a fashion designer.  She asked me if Sally designed the clothes she was looking at it, and I answered yes.  She didn’t have to move her lips to let me know what she was thinking.  Her eyes wide open did all of the talking.  She has known Sally all of her life and could not believe we had “withheld” such important information from her.  #GottaLoveTheTweenBrain.

Halle started to follow Sally on Instagram, liking all of her pictures.  She also started googling, asking Siri, and asking us question after question about Sally.  She also started her own portfolio of sketches and designs.  We realized she wasn’t so much obsessed as she was inspired by Sally’s hard work and dedication.  This is a person who worked hard, followed her dreams, and never gave up. 

I called Sally and asked if she wouldn't mind answering a few questions for Halle.   I told her we are planning a mother daughter trip to NYC this spring and we would love to see her and her studio.  Sally happily obliged and we started searching for a date that would work for all of us.  {The first few dates didn’t work.   You know how it goes, she would be in Paris, I had to drive carpool.}   We finally did find a date in April and we are counting down the days.  

And of course, she happily offered to donate one of her beautiful pieces for the Pop Up Shops event.

                                 “Oh Halle, if you even knew how lucky you are”!

                                                                                                                              The Q&A

Q. You went to the Lizzie Coffin Elementary School just like me!  What was your favorite subject there and why?

A.  I always loved anything that had to do with art.  Whether it was a class or a project, I remember it was always where I felt the most comfortable with myself.

Q.  What do you love the most about Marblehead?

A. Growing up I didn’t realize how Beautiful Marblehead was.  Once you leave, you realized what a special place it is.  I love coming back, and being fortunate enough to still have my family there so that I can enjoy the town

Q. What was your style like when you were 11 years old?

A.  When I was 11 was about the time I started experimenting with what I wore.  I remember having a large ring collection and wearing them all at the same time.  My style was probably not very stylish, but I would say it was maybe “experimental”.

Q.  Who was the most inspirational person to you growing up and why?

A.  I don’t know if there was any one person that was my inspiration, it was more about moments for me.  When I was very young my mom used to

take my sister and I to go watch the kids going off to prom on the buses.  I specifically remember one year, there was a girl in a bright pink short prom dress, and she stood out.  I remember looking up to her so much and thinking I wanted to be just like her, she seemed to do it her own way, and I admired that. 

Q.  Did you always want to be a Fashion Designer?

A.  I don’t think so.  I was always about making art, it wasn’t until I went to RISD that I realized fashion was how I wanted to apply my art.

Q.  What do you love the most about your job?

A.  I feel very lucky to be able to make something that people can appreciate.  The feeling of having someone love one of my pieces is very satisfying for me. 

Q. What is a normal day at work like for you?

A.  Never the same….

Q. What or who inspires you today?

A.  I find myself very inspired these days by things that are real.  The idea of fantasy doesn’t really inspire me, anymore.  I like real people, real stories, real life, and the idea of good old fashion honesty.

Recently you were asked to donate an item to benefit FMPS at the Pop up Shops sponsored by The MHD Mother’s COOP V.

Q.  How do you connect your Marblehead Public School education to where you are today?

A.  I majored in Art when I was a senior in high school.  Having that program helped me put my portfolio together to apply to RISD.  I honestly don’t know where I would be today if that program was not there for me.  I strongly believe at that age it is important to have these resources available to you.

Q.  What advice would you give to young girls like myself?

A.  My advice is to just be your self and not let anyone get in your way.   I know it seems obvious, but it is true.   Don’t let anyone tell you other wise.

Sally with Halle and Halle's newborn brother, JJ.  June 4, 2011

Sally with Halle and Halle's newborn brother, JJ.  June 4, 2011

Halle Gallo in August 2015.  {Photo by: Jennifer Shore Photography}                       

Halle Gallo in August 2015.  {Photo by: Jennifer Shore Photography}                       

Halle Gallo is eleven years old and in the fifth grade at The Village School.  She is an A student and enjoys art, reading, running and dance.   She lives in Marblehead, Massachusetts with her parents and her two younger brothers Hayden and Jamison.   She wants to be Fashion Designer when she grows up.

                            "Keep working hard kid, dreams do come true"!


Thank you to Sally LaPointe for being so gracious and taking the time to answer all of Halle’s questions.  You have no idea how much this means to her and me.

I also want to thank Sally and Sarah Adelson for donating such a beautiful dress to the Pop Up Shops, to benefit for the Friends of Marblehead Public Schools.

Our community thanks you for your generosity, but most of all for living your dream so magnificently.   #livingproof

Thank you to Anne & Karen for all your hard work in planning this amazing event.

      Thank you SLC for all your help.




Oh and that amazing Sally LaPointe piece that you want to see a picture of?  It will be displayed at the Pop Up Shops the first weekend in April!  

See you there!