Sweet Candy Alternatives

Candy!  Candy!  Candy!!  Nestles Crunch Bars, Nerds, Sour Patch Kids, M & M's, and the list goes on...No matter how you dice it, candy is pretty sweet!

I am all for letting my kids go out for Halloween and coming home with a huge pumpkin filled with candy.  They know that mom & dad have to sort through the candy before they are allowed to eat any.  We toss any open packets and then make two piles- "allergic to pile" and "candy we love pile".  Half of the lovers go back into our pumpkins and everything else gets sent to the troops.

Many families have a "fairy witch" or some sort of a trade-off for the candy.  With more and more kids having food allergies (we have dairy, soy & tree nuts allergies in our house), the trade seems like a good idea.  

We think these candy alternatives are sure to be a hit and sweeter then candy!